Advising tenants with money woes

Don't let it get to this stage.
Don't let it get to this stage.

A new advice service has been launched by Angus Council to support social housing tenants who are struggling financially.

Due to benefit changes and welfare reforms, there has been an increased demand for advice, information and social housing in Angus.

The council’s housing and welfare rights services have gained funding from the Scottish Legal Aid Board’s Making Advice Work initiative to introduce the Angus Welfare Reform Advice Project (WRAP)

Tenants will be helped to deal with debt and financial problems to enable them to sustain their tenancies and, if necessary, given help to explore other housing options.

The council’s convener of Social Work and Health, Councillor Glennis Middleton said: “There are many vulnerable tenants throughout Angus who are currently struggling with daily living due to benefit cuts.

“Some have huge debts and face homelessness and often have nowhere to turn. This project is much needed by the tenants of Angus to get the correct advice and assistance at the earliest opportunity.”

If you are a social tenant living in Angus and are feeling under pressure due to reduced income or change in your circumstances then WRAP could help you.

Contact ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778, or e-mail for further information. You can also find more info online at

An American survey suggested that the most frequent financial mistakes people make are: misunderstanding credit cards; not using discounts; signing up for rent/mortgage that’s too dear; not having a ‘rainy-day fund’; not having a budget; forgetting how little things add up; and forgetting about bank standing orders.