Auld Nick’s future on parole


An eyesore and one of Carnoustie’s most iconic buildings is to be given a new lease of life in the New Year.

The Auld Nick, the former burgh police station, doctor’s surgery, pizzeria and various cafes, has been given planning permission to be sympathetically converted into three houses, with work starting some time in January.

The derelict property had sat empty for a number of years until it was purchased earlier this year by C&D Properties who commissioned a residential design from Carnoustie architects the Brunton Design Studio to take to Angus Council’s planning department.

Permission was granted in October for the Auld Nick to be converted to three two-bedroomed houses with the usual living room, kitchen, bathroom and utility room.

Dave Soutar from C&D Properties said: “It’s a conversion really, there’s very little alteration from the front and it won’t look very different.

“It was all done spur of the moment. I was actually thinking if we got quiet over the winter it’s always good to have something for the guys to do and I was looking for a flat and houses were going for daft prices.

“I thought it would be quite a nice conversion to residential if we could get it through planning, we took the decision to put an offer in and buy it and then we got planning permission.

“We spoke to the planners and they were quite happy with it and they didn’t see any problems on the planning side of things.

“The property already had planning permission to split into three commercial units but Carnoustie doesn’t need any more of that, there’s enough empty commercial units and it has been an eyesore for years which was slowly getting worse. It’s also an iconic building, especially being right next to the War Memorial.”

The only issue he envisages which may occur lies over the loss of one or two parking spaces on Balfour Place which will have to be done away with to make room for access to the property’s rear car park.

Mr Soutar added: “Hopefully work will start in January, but it might be towards the end of that month before we start doing anything visible.

“The engineer has a couple of things to sort out for building warrants, but we are looking at April / May for when it will be finished.

“I’m looking forward to getting a move on with it. It will remove that blot on the centre of our town.”