Butchers benefit from meat scandal

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LOCAL butchers are seeing an increase in trade as the horsemeat scandal continues to grow.

With more and more processed meat products claiming to be beef testing positive for containing horsemeat and DNA, local butchers up and down the country are reporting a surge in sales.

And it is no different in Arbroath, Carnoustie and Monifieth, with people seeking out meat products from outlets they know they can trust.

Falconers on Arbroath High Street are just one retailer who has seen trade increase.

And proprietor Kenny Falconer says it is a hot topic of conversation in their shop.

He explained: “We have seen a big increase in trade and it is all people are talking about when they come in, but we all have a little joke about it

“But people are keen to ask questions and the feedback we are getting is that they won’t use supermarkets again.”

And it is a similar story at DH Robertson on Fisheracre who have also reported increased sales in burgers and sausages, again boosting local trade.

Meanwhile it is reported James Ewart’s Butchers, who have outlets in both Carnoustie and Monifieth have also seen sales up.

Just two years ago, Carnoustie was in danger of losing a butchers shop after Stewart’s butchers decided to sell up.

Fortunately, it was taken over by Ewarts and Carnoustie retained a butchers outlet.

And with an increase in trade for the local outlet, Carnoustie independent councillor Brian Boyd is hopeful this can encourage shoppers into other town shops.

He said: “I am pleased to hear the butchers trade has increase over the last fortnight.  It only seems like yesterday when it was threatened with closure for good but that is now two years ago.

“Hopefully this scare will encourage shoppers back to our High Street and the footfall will increase for all retailers. Clearly we should all try and buy locally rather than support large multinationals who have been exposed for putting profit above everything else.

“Our High Street provides good quality products at reasonable prices without the travelling costs to large out of town supermarkets in other areas.  

“I hope this support from the community is maintained and increased.”