Call to support rail trial

A BROUGHTY Ferry community councillor believes that if more people support increased train provision in the town it will also help boost Monifieth’s case for improved rail services.

The Guide & Gazette reported that local MSP Graeme Dey, was calling on Scotrail to increase services to Monifieth.

Currently, there are only two trains a day that stop in the town, despite Mr Dey saying there is more demand for rail travel.

The situation was previously the same in Broughty Ferry, but there is currently a trial to test demand with six trains a day stopping in the Ferry.

And Broughty community councillor Doug McLaren hopes a well-supported trial would also benefit nearby Monifieth.

He explained: “I welcome local MSP, Graeme Dey’s call last week for a serious effort to improve the rail service at Monifieth station.

“Mr Dey points out that the franchise to run Scotland’s rail service comes up for renewal in two year’s time.

“There is a trial currently under way until December 2012, I think, of having half a dozen trains stopping in each direction at Broughty Ferry.

“Can I suggest that it will greatly help Monifieth’s case if everyone who travels in this area gets behind this trial when appropriate and supports the new service to prove to First Scotrail that sufficient local demand does indeed exist, as Mr Dey claims.”

Mr McLaren also reports there seem to have been a good response to the trial so far and hopes Scotrail sit up and take action.

He added: “Anecdotally, we see passenger numbers of 10 and 20 often alighting from or boarding the trains at Broughty station.

“It would be good to hear readers’ stories about their experiences of travelling by train to and from the Ferry.

“The increased provision is by no means perfect but it’s a great step in the right direction.”

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