Caravan park given go ahead to expand

VISITOR numbers to Carnoustie and Monifieth could be set for a boost after permission was granted for the extension of a caravan park.

At Angus Council’s development standards meeting on Tuesday, councillors approved an application by Shoreline Management for an expansion of Barry Downs Caravan Park, which could see up to an extra 92 caravans on the site.

According to the report circulated at the meeting, the expansion would be in the area that previously contained timber huts with the remainder of the site a grassed area.

The proposed caravans would be arranged around a looped access road that enters the application site at its western boundary.

The development also incorporates landscaping, open space and pathways to link the development into the existing holiday park.

Angus Council had consulted several bodies on the application including Scottish Water, the Health and Safety Executive and Carnoustie Community Council who all offered no objections.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) had initially raised concerns regarding drainage but when more information was given to them, they were satisfied with the plans.

The report said: “SEPA initially objected to the application due to a lack of information.

“However additional information has now been submitted and SEPA has withdrawn its objection and authorised the proposed discharge from the drainage system under the Controlled Activities Regulations.

“The application site is located in the countryside and development plan policy allows for the use of private treatment systems in these circumstances.”

The council also confirmed that no letters of representation were received in connection with the proposals.

Angus Council’s head of roads had also been consulted on the increase of traffic on the A930 if the development were to go ahead as there have been road traffic accidents there in the past.

And the report added: “Four accidents have been reported within the last three years between the existing access to Barry Downs Caravan Park and Woodhill Cottage.

“All four accidents resulted in damage to vehicles only.

“On the basis of the above comments the head of roads has indicated that no vehicular access should be permitted to the caravan site from the existing gated access on the north-west side of the property known as The Downs.

“The submitted site layout indicates vehicular access would be located at the western boundary of the application site which would link into the main access of the park which accords with the requirements of the head of roads.”

The application was then recommended for approval by head of infrastructure services Eric Lowson.

And looking at the case overall he said: “In conclusion, the application provides for an extension to an existing caravan park facility.

“The site encompasses an area that was previously occupied by holiday huts and a number of those huts, which are now in poor repair continue to occupy areas of the site.

“The provision of additional holiday accommodation is generally supported by development plan policy and the extension to this existing park is generally compatible with relevant policies.”