Carlogie Business Park development decision appealed

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Carnoustie businesses this week received a boost with the announcement that the much needed and long awaited Business Park has taken a major step forward.

Angus Council have had a long held ambition to develop land at Carlogie Road for employment purposes and allocated a site in the current local plan for this purpose but deferred an application for planning permission last month.

The applicants Angus Estates, who are promoting the site in partnership with the Muir Group, have now confirmed that the project has been passed to the Scottish Government who will now take the final decision on the project with approval anticipated over the summer.

Speaking on behalf of Angus Estates and the Muir Group Simon Laird commented: “We have had several approaches from businesses in the town expressing concern about the timescale for the business park decision slipping despite the priority that the council have placed on the early provision of employment land in the current local plan.

“We have therefore decided that the quickest way forward to provide the land that the business community desperately needs is to ask the government for an early decision.”

Councillors deferred the proposal following a rival bid by DJ Laing Homes for the Upper Victoria area has been lodged and is still in the consultation stage.

Councillor Bill Bowles said: “It is unlikely in this economic climate that the town would be able to support two business parks and after the second application has been submitted then we can make a decision based on the best possible option for Carnoustie.”

The Development standards committee are keen to take a ‘master plan’ approach to the development of Carnoustie in order to make the correct decision.

Mr Bowles, supported by Councillor Brian Boyd wants to impress how important having all the facts and making a balanced judgment is for the people.

“We get one chance at this and it’s got to be the right one,” he said. “This is a plan for the next 10, 20, 30 years and it is vital that the decision is best for everyone.

“It shouldn’t just be the application that came first, it should be the one that is most suited to the people and the town.”

Mr Laird continued: “We are committed to the project and are encouraged that the Council committee report strongly recommended our application for approval recognising the significant benefits not just for employers but by helping to complete the outstanding A92 road improvements at the principal gateway into the town.”