Council to review policy on roundabouts sponsorship

CARNOUSTIE Development Group has persuaded Angus Council to review its policy regarding the sponsorship and management of roundabouts and other green spaces by the community.

At a meeting of the group last Tuesday it was revealed that a deputation had visited the council and Bill Bowles, Carnoustie Development Group chairman, had put forward members’ views.

The positive outcome means that early in the new year council officers will be presenting councillors’ suggestions for sponsorship, and the committee agreed last Tuesday to provide input to this.

The marketing and tourism sub-committee will be meeting early in the New Year to plan the strategy for these important aspects of the town’s development, and members will meet with David Valentine, head of Angus Council economic development to ensure synergy with the marketing messages of the Carnoustie Country brand.

At the same time they will focus on the unique aspects of Carnoustie and its heritage with the development of a Heritage Trail, and other information signposts around the town. Also planned are brochures and information leaflets for visitors and residents alike.

The committee reviewed the communications strategy prepared by a small subcommittee headed by Flora Cairnie and agreed that as well as the traditional methods - posters, the press, radio - the group would use more modern methods including Facebook and other electronic media to both distribute information and collect ideas and suggestions to benefit the town.

Finally, guest Ron Ashton, director of Angus Council neighbourhood services, spoke positively about the Carnoustie Development Group proposal to open a beachfront cafe at the Rugby Club next summer.

He indicated that at the same time the council will be making moves to refurbish the kitchen area of the leisure centre and hopefully planning a conservatory style extension on the beach side of the leisure centre for the summer of 2013.

The committee agreed to meet again on January 10, this time at 7 p.m. to allow more working people to attend. The venue, still to be confirmed, will probably be the Royal British Legion Scotland Laurie Lounge.