Full range of topics discussed at Development Group meeting

THE CARNOUSTIE Development Group met under the chairmanship of Bill Bowles at the Golf Hotel on Tuesday.

As usual a full range of topics was discussed including a brief presentation from Alison Smith, manager of external funding at Angus Council, who told the group about a new opportunity for funds for Angus coastal towns’ development.

Due to the urgency of submitting an application, the group is meeting again to discuss this opportunity on Wednesday, August 17. Any ideas for the development of any aspect of the town – employment, training, tourism, or environment – should be e-mailed to treasurercdg@gmail.com as soon as possible.

A brief review of the impact of the Ricoh Women’s Open Championship showed that on balance the town benefited from the event, with eating places and hotels being the winners.

Other retailers did not benefit, with great difficulty being experienced by some whose customers also suffered, notably on Dundee Street, as a result of what was seen as early, extensive restrictions and heavy-handed traffic management on a large number of roads in Carnoustie.

On a positive note, there were many appreciative comments about the golf memorabilia display in the shop front at the bottom of Queen Street, and the group commended Donald Ford and Bill Bowles for their efforts and thanked the several golf clubs who contributed many valuable and fascinating items.

It would seem that shoppers have appreciated the hanging basket displays along the High Street and the group resolved to maintain, and extend this initiative next summer.

The prospect of sponsored and well maintained roundabouts and green spaces around town continues to be a priority of the group and it is hoped that the policy currently preventing this can be reversed by Angus Council very soon. Both councillors Helen Oswald and Brian Boyd were present at the meeting and indicated their support for a change of a policy which was inherited from Tayside Regional Council over 15 years ago.

Regarding the possibly of a seafront cafe, coincidentally, mentioned many times in the recent shopping survey as a definite requirement, there has been a very positive meeting with Angus Council’s leisure department and things are progressing well.

The group confirmed its support of the skatepark initiative from the High School pupils and offered help and advice if and when needed.

The next public meeting, to which everyone and anyone who is interested in the future of the town is invited, will be held at Laing House, Panmure Industrial Estate, on Tuesday, September 13, at 7 p.m.