Loan fund to help housing shortage

Angus Council has welcomed the Scottish Government’s recent announcement that they are to launch a £4 million Empty Homes Loan Fund.

The loan fund should enable the council and other local authorities across Scotland to access funding which will help private owners carry out essential repairs to their empty homes.

These would then be brought back into use as affordable rented housing.

Angus Council housing spokesperson, Councillor Donald Morrison commented: “There are many private homes left empty across Angus for a whole range of different reasons.

“However, this creates a huge opportunity for us to make better use of our existing housing stock, so it’s important that Angus Council does all it can to help struggling property owners afford essential repairs.

“However, the challenging financial climate means that owners cannot always find the funds needed to refurbish their properties to current standards.

“We believe that the Loan Fund will provide the kick start required to improve enough empty homes to start making a real contribution to the provision of affordable housing.”