Look out for the chance to do your bit

Carnoustie High Street
Carnoustie High Street

Christmas is the season of giving, so when you get a leaflet through your door asking you to help make Carnoustie a better place, take heed.

The Carnoustie Community Development Trust needs your help and a leaflet will shortly be dropping through letterboxes giving you a chance to add your support to their campaign to enhance our community.

Derek Miller, chair of Carnoustie Community Development Trust, explained what has been happening over the last six months.

He said: “We’ve been working on getting funding to create a website and Facebook page so we can keep the community informed about progress on projects as we get them up and running, and we were grateful to Carnoustie Golf Links Management Committee who generously made us an award in November which has allowed us to engage local website design company, Carnoustie Creative, to get that underway.

“We hope to launch that sometime in February next year. That grant has also allowed us to proceed with a mail-drop to every Carnoustie household inviting people to join CCDT to show support for the principle of having a local organisation focussed on delivering the various projects identified by the charrette held in 2015, The Big Carnoustie Conversation.

“Membership of CCDT is free and open to everyone aged 16 or over and in joining, no-one is being asked for money, no-one will force them to attend meetings or commit their own time to anything unless they want to volunteer of their own accord to do so.

“Joining CCDT is simply a statement of support for the idea that there should be an organisation in the area working to leverage in money from external funders to bring the ideas and projects suggested by the community to fruition.

“The more members we have, the more clout we’ll have in negotiations with the likes of Angus Council and with applications to the big project funders like Big Lottery and others.

“If we can grow our membership, we’ll be able to invite nominations from the membership to bring the Board of Directors up to its full strength of 12.

“So along with their Christmas cards this year, the Boys Brigade and Scouts are supporting us by delivering invitations to join to everyone in the town. Completed forms can simply be handed in or sent to the Carnoustie Library, or to the Council Access Office, both on the High Street.”