Major rise in jobless in Broughty Ferry

UNEMPLOYMENT in Broughty Ferry has increased by 46 in the past year, rising from 231 in September, 2010, to 277 in September of this year, equivalent to 19 per cent.

Councillor Laurie Bidwell said: “Despite the relatively low unemployment rate in Broughty Ferry, the experience of unemployment for the individuals and the families concerned is an extremely painful and distressing one.

“As well as those out of work, there are many others who live with the real fear of becoming unemployed, and many others struggling with higher fuel and food costs.

“This is why I am supporting Labour’s plan for jobs and growth.

“It includes: a £2 billion tax on bank bonuses to fund 100,000 jobs; bringing forward long-term investment projects for schools, roads and transport; reversing January’s damaging VAT rise for a temporary period; a one year cut in VAT to 5% on home improvements; and a one year national insurance tax break for every small firm which takes on extra workers.”

He concluded: “This is a clear five-point plan to help families and to support small businesses.”