Mixed reception to cafe proposal

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Following a recent article in the Guide & Gazette about plans to open a cafe at Carnoustie Leisure Centre there has been a mixed response from readers.

We were alerted to the fact that debate had been sparked on the Facebook page OurCarnoustie by our article which went on to attract 73 comments.

The comments were divided into two camps, with some welcoming the investment of X in the leisure centre and others questioning the need.

Sarah Leng supported the proposal. She wrote: “A cafe is an excellent idea for down the beach front.”

Kerry Quinn added: “Of course a cafe down the front is a good idea! For all those that enjoy the fantastic park facilities at the beach, when they or their children need a bite to eat or drink, their only quick solution is the leisure centre vending machine or the walk up to our excuse of a high street to grab something from the Spar or Co-op.

“I do agree that a massive investment is needed for the high street...Why can we not aspire to be a smaller version of Broughty Ferry with its beautiful boutiques and shops selling jewellery and home décor?”

The familiar subject of the need for a filling station was once again brought up. Stephanie Chalmers said: “Definitely don’t need a cafe what we really need is a petrol station instead of having to go out of town every time to get some it’s ridiculous especially how big Carnoustie as got over the years.”

Sarah Ramsay added: “The last thing Carnoustie needs is another cafe, Co-op, Spar or nursing home! They really need to realise there is a winder age bracket in Carnoustie than over 70s!”

Darren Keddie had his own solution to the situation. He suggested: “An alternative is available utilising the Beach Pavilion.

“It’s a more obvious solution as it could be adapted to suit the needs as desired. Granted it has current leased tenants but we can work with them to address their changing accommodation needs.

“It’s iconic with better potential to address the wider needs of a cafe and a shared mixed use building and benefit the community as a economic hub as a visitor attraction.

“Think better than the Broughty Ferry’s Glass Pavilion with an amazing view. Only thing holding us back is the gate keepers with a lack of imagination and the political will to facilitate it.”

Speaking at the time of the proposal Angus Provost and Carnoustie councillor Helen Oswald pointed out that the cafe proposal was not new and had been brought forward by a couple of years as a result of another project not being ready for implementation.