MP predicts local economy boost

Mike Weir MP
Mike Weir MP

Angus MP Mike Weir has welcomed a report which highlights a five per cent increase in employment in the renewables industry.

The Scottish Renewables report also makes clear that the sector is confident of yet further growth, and is planning to ‘expand significantly’, in what will be a further jobs boost for Scotland.

And commenting on the report Mr Weir said that the local economy of Angus could benefit considerably from future renewable development.

He said: “The report is a welcome confirmation of the immense potential of renewable energy in Scotland, not just to make our country greener, but to create jobs.

“We know that Scotland’s renewable resources give us the potential to be the powerhouse of Europe, and can be worth up to £30 billion to the Scottish economy, with the ability to sustain as many as 40,000 jobs across the country.

“The economy of Angus could benefit considerably from planned expansion of renewable energy. The ports of Arbroath and Montrose are in a good position to benefit from the development of offshore wind farms.”