MSP welcomes government cash

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The MSP for Angus South Graeme Dey has welcomed funding for Angus Council to help people affected by the bedroom tax.

The council have been awarded £614,019, which will be added to the existing fund of £413,506.

This means the local authority will have access to £1,027,525, taking funding for discretionary housing payments in the county to the legal maximum.

Mr Dey said: “The Scottish Government’s latest move to mitigate the so-called bedroom tax is one which I welcome and I am sure many of my constituents will feel the same way.

“Lives are being ruined by this horrendous policy with people having no way to avoid the unfair financial penalties imposed on them by Westminster.

“The Scottish Government is doing what it can, with £20 million recently announced to boost discretionary housing payments to help people in financial trouble across Scotland.

“That will mean an additional £614,019 to help people in Angus and comes on top of the Scottish Government’s broader £68 million package to ease Westminster’s welfare cuts.”