New store harbinger of town regeneration?

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THINGS are looking up for Carnoustie as yet another building project proves that confidence in the town is good, but still not good enough for a petrol station.

Work began recently on the former site of the Barry Road filling station and it has been confirmed that a Co-operative mini-market will be erected there.

Carnoustie-based Brunton Design Studio was contracted to design the new building and the work is being carried out by Andrew Shepherd Construction.

Rodger Brunton of the Brunton Design Studio said: “It’s the new Co-operative mini-market. It will be 3,000 square feet and there will be no filling station.

“We got planning permission for this about three years ago and the Co-operative have just signed the lease.”

A spokesperson for the Co-operative said: “We have just begun preparatory work at the site of our new convenience store in Barry Road, Carnoustie. Subject to construction work progressing as planned, we expect to be open in the autumn.

“The new store will create around 15 jobs, and will have a sales area of approximately 2,500 sq ft.  It will complement our existing larger store in the town, allowing us to provide an even better service to shoppers in Carnoustie.”

Work began around a fortnight ago at the site which is near to the Corner Hotel and across from the Premiere Store on Barry Road.

Chair of the Carnoustie Development Group Peter Burke is delighted to see a growing investment in the town.

He said: “It’s interesting to see that there suddenly seems to be an upsurge of building work all around the town.

“The work is starting on the corner of Queen Street which used to be a tanning salon and is wonderful to see, and another site on Brown Street which has been acquired by DJ Laing and hopefully work will begin on that in the near future. And then, finally, there is this project on Barry Road.”

He continued: “I think it’s a positive sign that people are showing interest and confidence in the town, whether from outside, in the form of The Co-operative, or inside from DJ Laing. The more we fill up the vacant and derelict spaces the better it is for everybody. It’s all good stuff and I think it shows that people are feeling positive.

“It would have been wonderful if it had a petrol station because it was the site of the old one, but you can’t have everything.”

The continued lack of a petrol station in Carnoustie is something that concerns town councillors.

Angus Provost Councillor Helen Oswald said: “I am pleased to see this derelict site is going to be occupied at last but it’s just a pity it didn’t include a fuel pump.

“My one lingering concern is the potential impact on other businesses in the area.”

Independent councillor Brian Boyd echoed his colleague’s sentiments. He added: “I’m extremely disappointed it couldn’t incorporate a petrol station similar to that in Barnhill where we have to drive to get fuel!

“The same with High Street store. Maybe we should ask the senior management of Co-op why they can’t organise a petrol station in either of its Carnoustie stores?”

l What do you think about the building of the new Co-op? Will your business be affected by it or do you welcome the investment in the town? Carnoustie needs a petrol station, but where should it go? Tweet your thoughts to @heraldjohnston, or contact us in the usual manner.