Survey results will be revealed next month

THE CARNOUSTIE Business Association (CBA) committee is busy analysing the 1,521 responses from the survey carried out in June.

“The response has been magnificent,” said Peter Burke, chairman.

The CBA will be holding a public meeting once the analysis is complete and the holiday season is over at the Royal British Legion Scotland Laurie Lounge, Dundee Street, at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 21.

Everyone who has an existing shop, has property in the town, is considering opening a shop, or is just interested in finding out what others think is welcome to come along.

Early results show that understandably there is a massive demand for a filling station in the town, with over 93 per cent of respondents saying one is needed to avoid going to Barnhill or Arbroath - and doing their major shopping there.

More than 80 per cent of respondents said that a greengrocer would be an asset for the town. And there are surprising results around the question of a major supermarket presence.

As well as the information on the ‘tick the box’ pages, there are 855 comments to be analysed and categorised, so these can also be presented at the meeting.

The good news is that two-thirds of people coming into the town centre used the local post office, and over one third used the library - both of which the CBA believe are fundamental to the well-being of the town.