The CBA is dead, long live the CDG!

ECONOMIC strategy in Carnoustie became more streamlined this week with the merger of two groups.

At their annual general meeting in May the Carnoustie Business Association decided to wind up their activities and join with the Carnoustie Development Group in order to pool their resources and focus more closely on helping the town.

Chair of the CDG is Peter Burke, who also happened to be chair of the CBA. He believes streamlining the two will benefit the town.

He said: “It’s a very positive thing, onwards and upwards and carrying on the work for the benefit of the people.

“It is often said that there are too many different organisations in Carnoustie with roughly the same aims.

“The CBA committee hopes that this move by the CBA will encourage ex-committee and ex-members to move across to the CDG and take part in those activities.

“It also hopes that such a public move will raise the profile of the CDG and thus encourage other organisations, if not to merge with the CDG, then at least to participate fully and support the CDG.”

There is already a membership overlap with five members in both groups and while CBA membership has been dwindling as a result of the difficult economy.

Also, the main activities of the CBA, the Tartan Week celebrations and the Christmas Fayre, were considered better served by the CDG.

Mr Burke explained: “The CBA committee feels that both of these events should be managed by the CDG for two reasons. Firstly the events are town-wide and beyond and raise the profile of Carnoustie as a destination – this aligns completely with the tourism strategy of the CDG.

“Secondly, managing the events themselves raises the profile of the action-oriented CDG within the town and with their allies and supporters on Angus Council.”

At the meeting last night (Thursday) the CBA was expected to transfer their assets to the CDG, which included the InCarnoustie website and design, the Christmas Fayre planning guidelines and a list of potential stallholders. Any association funds left after liabilities have been met will be donated to local causes.