Thorntons unveil online service

THORNTONS Law, one of Scotland’s leading legal practices, on Monday unveiled, the country’s first online legal one-stop-shop that will cut legal costs by up to 30 per cent and in many cases even more.

Login2Law has the ability to revolutionise the Scottish legal sector, as the system not only reduces costs, but also allows people to access quality legal advice and documentation from the comfort of their own home or office. All documents have been drafted by expert legal teams at Thorntons Law LLP.

In conjunction with the launch, the firm is urging Scots to consider making a will, as their research, carried out using YouGov, reveals that just under half (47 per cent) of Scottish adults think that all of a person’s estate automatically goes to their next of kin if they don’t have a will in place.

This is not always the case, as rules of intestacy determine who gets what, in some cases leaving loved ones with nothing. In many cases, where there is no will, the family have to apply to court for the authority to deal with the estate, often meaning additional delay, worry and expense, at a time that’s already difficult enough.

Shirley Phillips, associate for Thorntons Law who is spearheading the implementation of Login2Law, commented: “As people are increasingly turning online for their needs and are also under time and financial constraints, we are delighted to introduce Login2Law.

“It offers a real alternative to the traditional method of visiting a lawyer and the new technology improves accessibility and reduces costs for customers, as people can complete legal transactions in the comfort of their own home.”

“Our research is a snapshot of current consumer thinking, showing that there is interest in buying online legal services. It also shows that just under half of the population are, without realising it, leaving their families with extra worries to deal with in the event of their death. Making a will is so straightforward and now so much more accessible with Login2Law.”