Townsfolk have their say on housing development

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A pre-application public consultation for a new building development in Muirdrum has stirred up a number of reactions online.

Earlier in the week the firm AJFitchet Architect set up a display in Carnoustie Library detailing proposals for a project by Marina Developments Ltd for 120 homes and five commercial units and invited residents and interested parties to submit their comments.

Land between the village and the A92 has been earmarked for the development which will use the latest in green design and sustainable housing methods to build an environmentally and owner friendly home. A petrol station was previously proposed for the site but the application was rejected by Angus Council last year.

There will be scope in the development for affordable housing a need for which has been identified through discussions between the developers and Angus Council housing department.

Alaister J. Fitchet, project architect said: “It is proposed that the site could be split up and a mix of tenures be introduced to ensure diversity, and the inclusion of shop units within the development would hopefully encourage a local ‘live-work’ ethos, bringing some much needed amenities to the village.

“The design exhibited in the Library shows scope for 120 houses and five small retail style units, however the consultation period allows for the balance to be changed and numbers reduced if the general feeling is that it would be more acceptable.”

We posted on Facebook asking the public for their reaction and have reproduced some excerpts.

Wendy French posted: “No, green belts should be left alone. The petrol station was turned down as some weren’t impressed with the vast amount of traffic it would bring and the noise levels so why would they allow 120 houses. That’s 120 more cars or probably more like 240 as most households have two cars. Are the local schools alright to cope with a massive intake of kids? Doubt it!”

Nancy Don said: “In the new plans why do they want the buses entering into the site. The route through the village would still service this. Has research been done for the schooling of the area as Carlogie and Woodlands seem to be full or will they have to open up Panbride again?”

Alison Greig said: “Every one jumps up and down about no petrol here but how many of us bought our petrol at supermarkets when we had a petrol station here!”

Simon Deering said: “Maybe the council should stipulate the provision for an area to be kept for a fueling station.”

Matthew McCreadie Rose asked: “Has there been a Health Impact Assessment for this proposal, and if so, what are the findings from it?”

l What are your views?