Westhaven’s first shop in 60 years

Interior of the Sewing Box shop in Westhaven.
Interior of the Sewing Box shop in Westhaven.

THE FIRST shop in Westhaven in more than half a century has opened its doors, and in the same premises as the last one!

The Sewing Box at 1 Norries Road opened for business recently and takes up where the previous store left off nearly 60 years ago.

Archie Marshall, whose wife Margaret runs The Sewing Box, explained: “This is the first shop to be opened south of the railway for 60 years.

“There used to be a shop on these premises 60 years ago, but it closed when the owner got too old. It was the last shop in Westhaven and used to be a grocers and penny shop in what is now our living room.”

Margaret added: “I’ve always worked with my husband who is a financial advisor and runs an office from here. He’s working from the back of the office now. For the past 10 years it’s been run as a financial business but now I’ve seconded it!”

The Sewing Box represents an opportunity for Margaret to finally make a business out of her passion for handmade crafts, including rag dolls, egg cosies and decorative cushions.

She said: “People have over the years been asking me to make things for them, which I have done, and I thought it would be nice to spread it about a bit and let people enjoy the things I make.

“I put a lot of TLC into the things that I make. I enjoy making them and people seem to enjoy buying them!”

Although the shop on Norries Road could be described as out of the way, Margaret is confident that folk will take the time to seek it out and bring people to Westhaven.

She explained: “I think news will be spread about us by word of mouth and one of my friends has already posted it on OurCarnoustie’s Facebook page.

“It’s only been open two or three weeks and there’s a wee buzz about it. People seem to like the idea that there’s a wee shop down at Westhaven again.”

At the moment the shop is open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., but Margaret will also see customers by appointment on 07597014297.

She added: “I think in the summer it’ll be different. We’ll maybe open longer, but with the way the weather is just now we’ll be going part-time.”

For more information search for Maggie’s Sewing Box on Facebook.