Call for public meeting on project

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A Carnoustie man has offered to act as a mediator in a public meeting about the Golf Centre development which has been given the go ahead.

David Cheape contacted the Gazette recently to offer to coordinate a public meeting on the £4.75 million restaurant and bar complex at the Golf centre which was recently granted landlord’s consent for development to commence.

Mr Cheape said: “This is an important development for the town and it is right that the public are taking such a keen interest and wondering whether such a project is justified, necessary or possibly an ill thought out concept for the long term future of the town’s golf courses.

“Are the R&A really pushing for this development to take place to secure future Open tournaments as is being mooted? Perhaps we should ask them?”

Mr Cheape continued: “As a qualified accountant, a former finance director of a hotel company and someone with considerable experience in the leisure and hospitality trade, I know both how risky and rewarding developments of this nature can be.

“If, as they seem keen to promote, Carnoustie Golf Links Management are so sure that they have a solid sustainable business case that will ensure the operational and financial success of this venture then it is important that they do all they can to reach out to the wider community and try to persuade them of the benefits this proposed development will bring.

“It is all too easy to be dazzled by the headlights of major golf tournaments. They only come around so often. Will they come in any greater numbers as a result of this development?

“From experience those proposing this venture need to remember that it requires to operate successfully out with the times of tournaments.

“With considerable capacity in the existing eateries in town and notably the Golf Hotel main restaurant only yards away from the proposed site, one might question how they are going to fill the restaurant and bar often enough to ensure its financial longevity.

“I am therefore publicly extending an invitation to the chairperson of Carnoustie Golf Links to (1) publish the Business Case for this Proposed Development, along with the parameters and assumptions that were used to form it.

“Equally as important the Chair should also show exactly how this development aligns with the objectives of the Carnoustie Golf Links charity trust and (2) to attend a public meeting to explain the rationale for this development and answer directly any questions and concerns Carnoustie residents may have about these proposals and their justification.”