Canine capers at Gala Day

Canine Capers at the Carnoustie gala day.
Canine Capers at the Carnoustie gala day.

CARNOUSTIE Canine Capers showcased a new initiative at the town’s Gala Day, writes Johnston Ralston.

The ‘Green Dog Walkers’ Pledge’ was announced, in conjunction with Angus Council.

Volunteers pledge to wear a green wristband or have their dogs wear a ‘Green Dog Walkers’ collar or lead to show that they have pledged to clear up after them, and that they have spare bags for other walkers to use.

If they see someone who does not clear up after their dog they offer a spare bag in a friendly manner.

‘Green Dog Walkers’ was started in Falkirk and won a UK Kennel Club Dog recognition award last year.

Angus Council subsequently purchased the licence from Falkirk District Council in order to use the ‘Green Dog Walker’ brand name.

At the Gala Day Fete, Canine Capers ran an awareness-raising stall that saw a steady stream of interested dog owners make contact.

Flora Cairnie, co-ordinator of Carnoustie Canine Capers said that she was pleased with the response, and expected that around 40 new pledge-takers would be recruited.

The group hope to introduce a series of training sessions for responsible dog owners or potential dog owners.

Anyone seen not cleaning up after their dog can be reported to the ACCESS Line on 08452 777778 with details of date, time, place and a description of the dog and the owner.