Carers needed in Angus

A NATIONAL children’s charity has identified a need for additional short-break carers in Angus.

Barnardo’s Scotland is spearheading a campaign to encourage more people to volunteer their time to the worthwhile scheme.

Short-break carers provide vital respite to families across Scotland by giving disabled children and young people opportunities which are often taken for granted, for example a sleepover with a friend or a trip to the cinema.

The new campaign has attracted the support of Angus South MSP Graeme Dey who has tabled a motion to the Scottish Parliament highlighting the charity’s calls.

He said: “The benefits offered by a short break to a disabled child or young person and their family cannot be underestimated.

“It is well known that carers can gain significantly from a rest from their caring responsibilities.

“It can also be tremendously rewarding for those who sign-up to become short-break carers and I hope many more Angus residents will contact Barnardo’s to find out how they can contribute their time.”

The Scottish Government say they are committed to improving the quality and quantity of short-breaks for carers and young people.

Some £13 million is to be administered over 2010 to 2015 via the voluntary sector.

A large portion of this investment will be to support short-breaks for disabled children and their families.

A survey carried out on behalf of Short Breaks Network in 2012 showed only three in 10 people had heard about the chance to become short break carers but, once people knew about the opportunity, one in five considered signing up.