Caring tartan created

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Arbroath’s own Tartan Artisan has created another design, but this time it celebrates a milestone anniversary of a carers’ charity.

Steven Patrick Sim, the Tartan Artisan, has designed the Dundee Carers Tartan in honour of the Dundee Carers Centre which this year marks their 25th anniversary.

It is also Steven’s first commissioned tartan and he is particularly pleased with the outcome.

He explained: “I was inspired by all the colours they use to designate their different projects, with each colour representing a different service or project.

“It’s now woven and we drove out last week to the mill, Bute Fabrics, on the Isle of Bute, and we saw it come off the loom and we’re all very happy with it.

“The tartan has gone massive again online, with a lot of positive comments.”

Steven explained that he has given the Dundee Carers Centre permission for the tartan to be incorporated into a social enterprise venture to create products from the design to help raise funds for the charity.

There are also plans to run textile works sessions on a weekly basis using the tartan as a platform.

The intricate but bold tartan tells its own story of the 25 years of the Dundee Carers Centre and their extensive work in the community: yellow - Upbeet Project; Orange - Young Carers Project (age 8-17); pink - Welfare Rights Service; Purple - Black and Minority Ethnic Project; teal - Direct Payments Support Service, Self-directed Support (SDS); dark green and lime green - Short Breaks Service; dark blue - Support for Adult Carers

Counselling and Volunteering.

Twenty five dark blue threads represent the centre’s anniversary; 60 teal threads of the 60 per cent of people who will become a carer; 10 green threads represent the 10 distinct projects operating; eight crimson threads the eight wards of Dundee covered by the centre; five yellow threads for the number of languages spoken in the centre as of 2014; 14 orange threads for the number of years the Young Carers Project has run; and the 66 purple threads represent the average number of referrals to the centre per month, as of 2014.

For more information on the work of Steven Patrick Sim, search for the tartan Artisan on Facebook.