Carnoustie councillor wants landlords to pay full rates

A CARNOUSTIE councillor is calling for the Scottish Government to make absentee landlords pay full rates on their premises to bring more business to the town’s High Street.

Councillor Brian Boyd wants MSPs to follow an English ruling which makes landlords pay 100 per cent of their fees to the local authority even though the shop unit is empty.

The current situation in Scotland means landlords are entitled to a 50 per cent drop in fees if their property has been vacant for more than three months.

Councillor Boyd claims that if property owners were made to pay the whole amount then that would lead to more affordable rates for any potential tenants.

Councillor Peter Murphy agrees with his fellow representative but said it couldn’t be dealt with until the Scottish Parliament reconvene.

He said: “It’s maybe a good way forward to get more people to take on the vacant shops.”

Last month councillors Boyd and Murphy looked at ways to revitalise the town centre with the idea of bringing a petrol station to the town after 10 years without one.