Carnoustie family still stuck in cramped conditions

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A FAMILY of five which is forced to share a cramped two-bedroom house in Carnoustie are now into their ninth year of waiting for a larger property from Angus Council.

Shiona Torrie was told back in 2002 that she would need a bigger house for her, husband Derek and their three children by local authority housing officers and were placed on to the waiting list.

But nine years on, the family’s wait for a new house continues despite medical professionals now recommending a bigger house as middle child Ethan suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder relating to an accident he was involved in.

As previously reported in the Guide & Gazette, Mrs Torrie’s oldest child, daughter Kaytlynne (12), is forced to share a room with her two young brothers Ethan (8) and Christopher (4), even though guidelines state after the age of seven, children of different genders should not have to share a bedroom.

Mrs Torrie keeps in constant contact with the housing department through both Carnoustie and Arbroath ACCESS offices but seems to be getting nowhere.

And she has now told the Guide & Gazette she feels as though she is being “fobbed off”.

She said: “I ‘phone the ACCESS office every week and the highest we have been is between fourth and fifth and then sometimes we slip down to eighth.

“One day I ‘phoned Arbroath and we were sixth to seventh and later I ‘phoned Carnoustie and we were seventh to eighth and they were unable to given me any reasons why.

“I feel I’m still being fobbed off as no one can tell me anything about it.

“All they have done is put a note of interest on my file.”

Mrs Torrie claims the wait is making family life difficult, especially as Kaytlynne has made the move to High School and Ethan has to deal with the effects of his disorder.

And this she says is not helped by both children having to share a bedroom.

She continued: “Both of them need their space but neither of them has anywhere to go.

“My family is becoming unhinged with all the fighting over privacy and where to do homework in peace and I have no answers for them.

“I feel for Kaytlynne my daughter more so as High School years are important and I don’t want her work to suffer as a result of our situation.”

Angus Council has announced that new local authority housing is set for the old Kinloch Primary site as well as a new care home and community centre.

But Mrs Torrie claims housing officers have told her they are unable to confirm she will be able to have one of the new houses.

She added: “I have been informed there will be 14 of these houses. I would just like some assurance that I would be offered one of these if nothing were to come up before hand.”

A spokeswoman for Angus Council said they could not comment on individual cases but added they are sympathetic to residents.

She said: “We allocate houses based on a points system which takes into account housing need.

“This system is based on current legislation and guidance. We are sympathetic to tenants who wish to move house, but given the current levels of available affordable housing for rent in south Angus.

“Unfortunately some people do have to wait a considerable time for rehousing.

“South Angus, which includes Carnoustie, is a priority area for housing investment, with the majority of new housing investment being directed to this area.”