Carnoustie gardeners being penalised?

Carnoustie golf course
Carnoustie golf course

A decision to close Carnoustie recycling centre has been deferred, but a town councillor claims residents are still being penalised.

Last Tuesday Angus Council’s communities committee elected to defer a decision pending further reports on implementing a phased closure of centres in Carnoustie, Monifieth, Brechin, Forfar and Kirriemuir, with redevelopment at Arbroath and Montrose and a new facility in the Forfar-Kirriemuir area.

However, the communities committee did agree to implement a £25 annual fee for the collection of residential garden waste which Carnoustie Councillor Brian Boyd strongly opposes. He said: “I don’t think there is fairness throughout the burghs as a result of the £25 garden waste fee being agreed. People in the burghs losing bins will no longer have the option of what to do with their garden waste.

“The fee should not have been agreed before discussing the future of the recycling centres and I stood up in chambers and said that.

“If you live in a town with a recycling centre you have that choice to pay the fee or take your garden waste to the centre. People who do not have a recycling centre in their town are being penalised.”

Mr Boyd stressed the need for a consultation on how to deal with garden waste fairly, and to get the ball rolling has suggested Angus Council explore the possibility of incorporating the county’s public golf courses into a plan which could see them provide collection points for garden waste which the council would uplift along with the golf course’s waste and dispose of.

However, according to Graeme Duncan, general manager of the Carnoustie Golf Links Management Committee, this would not be a feasible plan at Carnoustie. He explained: “From a purely health and safety point of view, we would be unable to handle this. We have no suitable site where we could provide a safe environment for the public, and safely manage the vehicles that would turn up. At the peak times of evenings and weekends, we don’t have any golf course staff working, so the site would be unmanned.

“The present recycling site in Carnoustie is a secure, well designed area, with excellent road access. This allows the safe delivery and removal of large skips on a regular basis. Road access to the golf courses is very limited, and not at all suitable for regular traffic. There is also extensive use of the whole area by dog walkers, pedestrians and cyclists, which would be difficult to integrate with traffic.

“Also, I do not believe our insurers would be prepared to sanction such a proposal.”