Carnoustie High pupils help collapsed lady

A retired nurse rescued by three quick thinking Carnoustie High pupils met the good Samaritans this week to show her gratitude.

S1 Carnoustie High School pupil Mark McCrory was walking through the House Grounds on his way to school last week when he saw a lady fall.

Mark told the Guide & Gazette: “I was walking to school when I saw a lady fall to the ground. She had two dogs with her and they were off their leads. I went over to see if I could help her.”

Mark managed to gather the dogs and help the lady, Mrs Chalmers, to her feet.

She thanked him for his help and insisted that he continue on his way to school as she did not want him to be late.

After a short rest, she attempted to walk home but fell suddenly, striking her head on the ground.

Fortunately S4 pupils Chloe Robertson and Jennifer Moodie were nearby. Chloe said: “We were walking to school and chatting to each other about the holidays when we saw a lady lying on the ground.

“It looked as though she was trying to get up on to her feet but it was obvious she was having difficulty.

“We called to her but she did not respond and so we went over to see if we could help her.”

Jennifer said: “The lady had some cuts and bruises to her face and she was very worried about her dogs. She couldn’t stand and told us she felt quite dizzy.”

The resourceful pupils ran over to nearby Woodlands Primary School for help.

Mrs Chalmers contacted the school to find out who had come to her aid.

She said: “I don’t know what I would have done or what might have happened to me if your pupils had not stopped to help me. They were fantastic.”

Mr Booth also thanked the pupils for their actions and later told the Guide & Gazette: “I am so proud of Mark, Chloe and Jennifer as they have more than most, fulfilled and lived up to the school motto ‘Deed Shaws Pruif’.

“They helped Mrs Chalmers in her time of need and the school will formally recognise their good deed at forthcoming school assemblies.”