Carnoustie sorting office to close

Royal Mail sorting office in Queen Street Carnoustie.
Royal Mail sorting office in Queen Street Carnoustie.

Royal Mail announced this morning (Thursday) that operations at the Carnoustie sorting office on Queen Street will be relocated to Dundee East.

The relocation will take place in late spring of this year.

According to Royal Mail the move from 9 Queen Street, Carnoustie, to Ivory Place, Dundee, is part of an ongoing transformation of its business, its work to increase operational efficiency and its provision of delivery offices fit for purpose.

The Carnoustie office is no longer fit for purpose according to the company due to falling numbers of letters and the increase of parcels being delivered, along with competition from other carriers in that area.

In their announcement Royal Mail stated: “When the move goes ahead, we expect there will be no impact on deliveries to our customers. The postmen and women who work in Carnoustie delivery office will continue to serve the local community, delivering a high quality service to our customers.”

Parcels will now be able to be collected at the Post Office at the SPAR, 83 High Street, diagonally opposite the existing Queen Street sorting office.

Increased hours will also be offered at the Post Office within SPAR.

Royal Mail also outlined services available to customers, including free redelivery and nominated neighbours to receive parcels.

The statement concluded: “Before the move goes ahead, detailed planning will take place to help ensure a smooth transition for our operations, our people and the service we provide to our customers. We have a strong track record of managing change and we will work with our staff and our unions to give them the opportunity to discuss the implications in detail. There will be no job losses as a result of this move.”