Carnoustie ‘super club’ discussed

PLANS were discussed this week for a community-centred multi-sports club to serve Carnoustie.

A federation of Carnoustie sports organisations met at Laing Park last night (Thursday) to thrash out a plan of action to implement an all-encompassing sports club for the town.

At the time of going to press details remained vague, but there was a general air of optimism that a community club would bring great benefits to sport and Carnoustie.

The aim is to create an umbrella organisation which will draw in local clubs such as Carnoustie YM, Carnoustie Panmure Youth and Junior, Carnoustie Athletic, Monifieth Ladies’ Football Club, Carnoustie High School Former Pupils Rugby Club and possibly others at a later date.

The first step appears to lie with consolidating the various football clubs in Carnoustie and creating a solid career pathway for amateur football.

At the moment Carnoustie Panmure Youth FC, Carnoustie YM, Monifieth Ladies and Carnoustie Panmure Juniors all co-operate as Community Club partners.

The secretary for Carnoustie Panmure Youth FC, Phil Hope explained the first step was being made with the football clubs.

He said: “We’re just still in the process of sorting out the football part of it.”

“We’re going to form a single football club for Carnoustie. Then we will be part of a community sports club with the rugby club.”

He added: “The football part is aimed at bringing youth players through from children to adults for the good of football in Carnoustie.

“We want to try and keep the players in Carnoustie, rather than them slipping off to clubs in Dundee which has always been the case in the past.

“For the first time there is an under-19s team, the first time in as long as people can remember.

“We are trying to create a bigger club so they think they have more of a future and at the same time provide better facilities for the youngsters and adults in Carnoustie.”

There have already been signs of outside support, and the Scottish Football Association has become involved.

Speaking on Tuesday, Phil explained: “We’re working with the SFA who are already on board and have been to the last couple of meetings.

“We are hoping to set up a committee this week, then organise a charitable trust to get the funding together to get the land.”

Community councillor Bill Bowles hopes the club will improve the lot of all sports clubs in the town.

He said: “What we are trying to do is a two pronged thing at the moment.

“We are looking to eventually form a Carnoustie Amateur Sports Club.”

According to Bill, Carnoustie should be in a position to offer sporting facilities that reflect the quality of sporting achievement in the town.

He said: “Carnoustie is an affluent area. We should have top class sporting facilities in the town.

“We have actually got less grass than we had five years ago.”

With the building of new primary schools at Woodlands and Burnside and the redesign of Carnoustie High School, greenbelt areas previously used for sport have been sacrificed.

At the time, measures were taken to offset the loss, and approximately 20 acres of farmland adjacent to the High School was made available in recompense.

Bill explained: “The land is available from Angus Council for £1, but the council must be able to make it what it needs to be. Unfortunately, they don’t have the funds to make it recreational ground.”

The option on the land is up in August, 2014, and at the moment the plan is to build an all weather G3 pitch suitable for football, rugby, hockey and other sports.

Bill added: “We trying to get a feasibility study and eventually build a G3 all-weather, all-sport pitch.

“We’re getting things moving first at the moment. I’m keen to get this up and running

“At the moment the rugby club has almost the whole age pathway sorted out.”

Phil is reasonably confident about the project, he said: “It’s going to get a lot of people co-operating.

“There are a lot of different views and agendas to consider. It will be as quick as we can get it to work.”