Carnoustie twins are mum’s “wee soldiers”

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THE MOTHER of Carnoustie twins Ayley and Chloe says their progress is amazing.

Mum, Averil Hirsch revealed to the Guide & Gazette that Ayley and Chloe are doing fantastically given their operations were just over two weeks ago.

At the beginning of January, Ayley and Chloe flew to St Louis for a selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) to relieve the spasticity in their legs caused by cerebral palsy, the culmination of months of fund-raising.

Averil said: “I am amazed by the girls’ progress so soon after the operations.

“Ayley has just bowled me over and over again.

“She is a few steps away from walking by herself, all tall and flat-footed, which we wanted.

“She is enjoying her therapy but is also having her tough days.”

Averil went on: “Chloe is coming on brilliantly. She is learning every day to walk in her walking frame with a little help, but is taking lovely flat-footed steps as well.”

Although the girls are at different stages in their recovery, Averil is confident about results.

She said: “Chloe will need more time to get to her targets than Ayley, but that is because she was not walking before and is having to learn from the beginning.

“I am so proud of my girls. They have coped with each day and through the harder times of the surgery and medication so, so well. They are my wee soldiers.”

The family appear to be enjoying their stay and have met other British families going through the same experience.

Averil said: “Our stay in St Louis has been fantastic.

“We have met five other families from the UK who are staying in the hotel.

“They are all so lovely and we are there for each other. It’s wonderful. The girls get on well with their children too.”

However, the family are keen to get home.

Averil said: “St Louis is a lovely place and we are enjoying our stay here, but we are also looking forward to returning to Carnoustie to see everyone and for the girls to show off how well they are doing and what an amazing operation SDR is.”

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