Carnoustie, your town needs you

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A lack of public interest threatens a long-standing Carnoustie spectacle - the Carnoustie Gala Parade which winds through the town annually.

Police Scotland regulations state that every section of a parade must be manned and following a drastic lack of support in steward volunteering for this year’s Parade through the town centre, there is a real concern that a review might result in the parade being called off next year.

Ed Oswald from the Gala Committee said: “There is a great fear if we don’t get the stewards we might not get the parade next year.”

Stewards are required to help explain to passing vehicles the nature of the parade and direct them in a safe manner to another route.

Volunteering for a steward position will not only secure the future of the Carnoustie Gala Parade but only takes a fraction of a day.

“People will only have to stand on the pavement, along the route, for approximately 20 minutes,” said Mary Bushnell, chairperson of the Carnoustie Gala Committee. “We supply people with yellow high visibility vests and if a car appears all they have to do is tell them there is a parade on.

“Once the parade is past the steward volunteers are free to go.”

Mrs Bushnell has been tirelessly spreading the word about the absolute necessity for people to step forward and help ensure this long standing Carnoustie jubilee does not get cancelled.

“We have put it in the papers, we have put it on Our Carnoustie, I have asked the parents and grandparents at the children’s football clubs and at the OurCarnoustie presentation night. From all that I only managed to get one volunteer.

“I would ask people to please come forward and help keep the parade going, without these stewards, I can’t see it happening next year.

“If the parade was to stop tomorrow, there would be an uproar from the community. We don’t want to lose this but really need the help from people in Carnoustie.”

Police Scotland insist that to keep the event as safe and secure as possible there must be 35 stewards at the least.

The Carnoustie Gala Committee is struggling to meet that total with only 20 people who have put their hands up and volunteered to step in and help.

If you would like to get involved and help on the day please contact Mary Bushnell on 01241 854499.

The parade will follow the route from Panmure Industrial Estate along the High Street before arriving at Carnoustie House Grounds where the floats will be presented for final judging.

The Gala Day is on Saturday, July 5, and the parade will start at 1 p.m.