Caution wet paint on the Arbroath Campus at Dundee and Angus College

The opening of Dundee and Angus College’s HND Contemporary Art and Practice Exhibition gives you the chance to see Richard Gibson’s newest creation. The massive 3 ½ by 2 ½ metre painting is a symbolism of war.

Inspired by his own experience as a National Service soldier in Malay in the 1950s and the numerous images of war on the news Mr Gibson brought them all together onto a man shaped canvas.

“I was part of war as a National Service soldier. I didn’t see hard war but was aware of it around about me.

“The news reels over the many years and meeting people who come back from war and knowing people that didn’t come back from war was part of my inspiration for this project.”

Set amongst the 12 symbols of war is poetry written during conflict and the letters sent home to loved ones from battlefields.

On display for ten days the painting will go to Aberdeen Arts Centre in August and is then homeless.

Mr Gibson said: “I would love the painting, worth £2,000 to be accessible to all the public for free and am therefore willing to give it away for no charge to a place, be it a cafe, museum, church or any public arena who is willing to keep it up for two years.

“I started off the picture as a symbolism of war and looked at what a soldier entering a battlefield might be expected ironically to see, e.g. first aid location. It is what people don’t want to think about and the effect war has on soldiers and the people left at home. I wanted a painting that would take in all of that.”

To view the painting and the rest of the exhibition, visit the Esk Building, Arbroath Campus, D&A college,