CCAG members working hard

THE CARNOUSTIE Centre Action Group (CCAG) local funding committee has been busy organising an annual programme of events to add funds to the account as well as keeping the project in the public eye.

Last Monday a successful quiz was held in the Kinloch Arms Hotel with local humorist and chair of CCAG Rodger Brunton as questionmaster.

Alison Paget, vice-chair, announced: “We are also looking forward to having a stall at Gala Day on Saturday, July 2, and organising street collections in June, a race night in October and a possibly a supermarket bag fill in December. Meanwhile we continue to sign up more members to the Kinloch Centre Project”

Mr Brunton added: “ The committee members are constantly being asked about the whereabouts of the new Hub so we are looking forward to putting up signage near to the Angus Council posts on the corner of Dundee Street and Links Avenue.

“This will hopefully help answer such questions. It’s great to see all the activity elsewhere on the site which will be only be complete when the Kinloch Centre is built.”

Ms Paget completed the update by saying: “After a successful presentation to each year group of pupils at Carnoustie High School, we are looking forward to important data from the survey carried out around the school.

“The pupils were enthusiastic about the possibility of the Hub and had many ideas for inclusion. It’s so important that we carry the young people of Carnoustie along on this project – they are the inheritors after all. Furthermore, this will add credibility to our forthcoming bid to the Big Lottery.”