Celebrating over 200 years of service to musical society

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A CARNOUSTIE group recently celebrated over two centuries of services from some its members.

Carnoustie Musical Society presented a total of seven long service awards recognising a grand total of 225 years involvement.

The presentation took place backstage after the last show of the society’s production of ‘Meet Me In St Louis’ in March.

The awards were presented by the National Operatic and Dramatic Association’s regional representative Ron Stewart and his wife Rita.

The medals they presented ranged in service from 20 years to an unprecedented 50 year gold certificate.

Awards were presented to: Robert Seaton, 50 years; Agnes Davies, 40 years; Brian Boyd, 35 years; Joana Fitzgerald, 30 years; Rodger Brunton, 25 years; Liz Pardoe, 25 years and Susan Kydd 20 years.

Also in attendance at the presentation was NODA UK vice-president and former regional representative Bert Lumsden and his wife Anne.

Carnoustie Musical Society president Susan Kydd paid tribute to the dedication of her fellows. She said: “It is fantastic that Carnoustie Musical Society can honour and celebrate the achievements and longevity of its members with these awards.

“As Robert has shown, you don’t have to be in the spotlight on stage to enjoy being part of the society and making your contribution and as Agnes has shown, you can use your talents of performing and creativity in many ways while sharing your enjoyment with your friends.

“The other award winners may well go on to match Agnes and Roberts’ achievements as long as CMS continues to enjoy the support of audiences in Carnoustie.

“Thank you to everyone both on stage and off for your continued support.”