Children In Need at Coast

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AN ARBROATH bar was raising money for Children In Need on Friday with an evening of entertainment.

The acoustic live lounge at Coast bar realised £713.03 through raffles and a bucket collection by their very own Pudsey Bear, Mark McComb.

Working on an event for the first time, Peggy Mostyn and Tasha Bates organised the entire evening.

Peggy said: “It was just an absolutely fantastic night. We’d like to thank everyone who took part, especially in the run up to Christmas, and in these hard times of recession.

“Ferriers florist, Apple Gardens and Spa, Sparkles teeth whitening, Arkive and Sara-Lou, all donated to the raffle and gave us a good range of prizes and gifts on the night. We also had magician Michael Brandie who went round the bar doing tricks for people, normally you have to book him, but he did it for free too, and we’d also like to thank everyone who appeared in the live lounge.”

Tasha and Peggy also hinted they might be organising another charity event next year, but were reluctant to give too much away.

Peggy said: “This has been quite a learning curve and it’s let us figure out a lot. This next night is going to be much bigger and is for something that has affected the community quite recently. Hopefully a lot of people in the community will want to get involved.”

l Pudsey the Bear, aka Mark McComb takes a break from bucket collecting to pose with Peggy Mostyn and Tasha Bates.