Chris was the ‘missing footballer’

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A FORMER pupil of Monifieth Primary School who now lives in New Zealand has contacted the Guide & Gazette from the Southern Hemisphere to say he is the person whose name was missing from the ‘Down Memory Lane’ picture which appeared in the paper of June 21, 2007.

The picture showed youngsters of Monifieth Primary School football team during the season 1966/67 and all the names were provided but one.

In an e-mail received this week, Chris Denby, 15 Southwark Avenue, Napier, New Zealand, informs us that he was the pupil whose name was missing.

He stated: “Today I have been sent a newspaper clipping from one of your publications, headed ‘Down Memory Lane’. It has a photograph of the 1966/67 Monifieth Primary School (not Monifieth Invertay) football team. Although it has no date on it, there is a website showing at the top right hand side of the article.

“All the players in the team are identified with the exception of one, a snowy-haired lad sitting in the front row. Below the photograph, and after the players are named, is the question: ‘Does anyone know who the un-named player is? Call with your suggestions to 01241 872274’.”

Chris explained: “I am the un-named player in the team. My family moved from Napier, New Zealand, to Monifieth in 1966. My father studied public dentistry at St Andrews University for one academic year, and we returned to New Zealand in 1967.

“During this time I attended Monifieth Primary School in Maule Street, as we lived in nearby Panmurefield Terrace.

“I was extremely proud to play in this team, and we won all our inter-school games easily.

“Davie Cooper, in particular, was an exceptionally talented footballer. I often wonder where he went with the sport?”

He continued: “Sadly I have never (yet) been back to Scotland since 1967.

“My wife trained as a midwife at Stirling Infirmary before we met in the 1980s, so we have strong links to Scotland.

“However we have recently purchased air tickets to Scotland for June of next year, and plan to return to the Monifieth area to meet up with as many of my old school friends as possible.

“Through the internet I have already made contact with a handful of them, and next year we will meet up after 46 years absence!

“One of them, Steve Cumming of Blairgowrie, has offered to organise a reunion of the primary seven class of 1966/67 to mark the occasion. He can be contacted at”

Chris closes: “Best wishes from across the oceans from two ‘Scots-at-heart’ and we look forward to visiting your area next June.”

If any former classmate would like to contact Chris his e-mail address is