Chute removed from popular playpark

CARNOUSTIE councillor Helen Oswald was disappointed to learn last week that the chute which had apparently reached the end of its ‘safe’ life had been removed from the Winter Place playpark and wasn’t scheduled to be replaced.

She told the Guide & Gazette: “This is an ideal play area for children from the surrounding area and from further afield quite simply because it is surrounded by houses and has no roads beside it.

“The play equipment is well loved and well used. If it needs to be replaced then it should be.

“I have asked the director of neighbourhood services to find the money to replace this piece of play equipment.

“Surely if the Angus Alliance can find £500,000 for the West Links in Arbroath, then they can find the cost of a chute.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council stated: “Unfortunately in the currently financial climate, the council has extremely limited resources for replacement equipment, and there is no provision for equipment suffering sudden failure.

“We do try to prioritise replacements, based on the overall provision in an area, but backlogs are such that it can be a considerable time before this can be carried out.”