City council officials to meet Royal Mail

DUNDEE City Council is set to meet with Royal Mail to discuss the ongoing delivery problems that people in the east of the city are facing.

The meeting will take place on Thursday, May 19, and the council’s chief executive wrote to Royal Mail following instruction from the policy and resources committee.

Ian McKay, Royal Mail director of Scottish affairs, said: “Royal Mail welcomes the opportunity to meet with representatives of Dundee City Council.

“As part of Royal Mail’s £2 billion investment in modernising its operations, changes are being made in delivery offices across the country to help it compete in a very competitive marketplace.

“The operational review at Dundee East was part of this. There were issues and we have apologised to our customers for this.

“We have learned the lessons from changes we made in Dundee East and a robust plan is in place to ensure our customers receive the service they expect and deserve. Quality of service is improving week on week.”

Councillor Derek Scott’s constituents are still missing appointments and their bills are also arriving late.

He said: “I raised the item with the committee and we now have a meeting with Royal Mail in place.

“They have been using delivery people from other parts of the country and that means mail is being delivered, but those people do not know the area they are delivering in.”

Ferry councillor Ken Guild said: “Royal Mail seem to be suggesting all their problems are over but several councillors are getting information to the contrary

“There will be quite a few questions for Royal Mail.”