Claymores successful at Glenrothes Gala

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CARNOUSTIE Claymores Swimming Club swept away the opposition at a recent swimming gala.

The newly formed club competed in the Glenrothes Swimming Gala at the end of November and performed excellently according to head coach Andy Johnston.

He revealed that one of the club’s younger swimmers, Tristyn Jones (10), contested eight races in total, winning five golds and three silvers.

Andy said: “Tristyn performed exceptionally and is now in the top 20 in all of her strokes in the Scottish rankings.”

Tristyn received gold in the 50m butterfly, 200m backstroke, 50m backstroke, 100m freestyle and 50m freestyle.

Silvers were awarded in the 100m butterfly, 100m backstroke and the 200m individual medley.

Club winners were: 11-12 years girls’ 50m butterfly – 2, Katie Wallace; 3, Sarah-Louise Meldrum. 11-12 years boys’ 50m butterfly – 2, Joshua Mitchell. 13-14 years boys’ 50m butterfly – 2, Dan Cattanach. 13-14 years girls’ 50m backstroke – 3, Karys Torrie. 13-14 years boys’ 50m backstroke – 1, Cameron Taylor; 2, Dan Cattanach. 11-12 years boys’ 100m freestyle – 3, Joshua Mitchell. 13-14 years girls’ 100m freestyle – 3, Karys Torrie. 11-12 years individual medley – 3, Joshua Mitchell. 11-12 years girls’ 50m breastroke – 3, Katie Brown. 13-14 years boys’ – 2, Dan Cattanach.

Three under-9s swimmers Abbie Low, Ruadhan Jones and Chloe Cameron also managed to achieve their bronze certificate for freestyle.

The Claymores hold trials at 6p.m. on a Tuesday evening at the Carnosutie High School pool, to arrange a trial contact Andy Johnston on 07922178997.

l Tristyn Jones is pictured proudly showing off her haul of medals.