Closure risk to Over-60s Club

UNLESS new faces are found to run Monifieth Over-60s Club, Monday’s event at the Panmure Hotel could be the last-ever meeting.

The office-bearers are retiring, and only one person has volunteered to replace them.

President Mrs Joan Brown has been in the post for 13 years and feels that she has done her stint. She said: “We’ve had to tell members that the club is ‘in limbo’, and hope that people come forward to run it.”

Monifieth Over-60s Club has been in existence for more than 50 years, having started as a home visiting organisation. It outgrew that function and the Monday afternoon meetings in the Gerard Hall began.

At the most recent meeting, a party day, 74 members attended.

Mrs Brown introduced guest entertainers, Laura Taylor and Friends. Those present were treated to a chip shop tea. Kath Whyte proposed thanks.

Joan said afterwards: “It is very sad that nobody is taking our places. These weekly meetings are the main social event for some members.”

If anyone can offer to help, Joan can be contacted on 01382 533897.