Combining Law and Rennie Mackintosh

Kirriemuir artist Frances Law with one of her paintings.
Kirriemuir artist Frances Law with one of her paintings.

Angus artist Frances Law has been working with the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society creating a site-specific exhibition of paintings.

They are exhibited at the society’s international headquarters at the Mackintosh Church at Queen’s Cross in Glasgow. The exhibition opened three weeks ago and has already attracted over 500 visitors.

The Queens Cross Church is one of Glasgow’s hidden architectural gems; the only church in the world designed by the great Scottish architect, designer and artist. The principle beauty of the building is the simplicity of the design combined with an intrinsic sense of space and light creating timelessness, imbued with the spirit of Mackintosh. “The Architecture of Nature” exhibition synthesises the work of Frances with that of Mackintosh providing a harmonious link between the two artists through their interest in nature and architecture.

Frances said: “My paintings are of monumental proportion in relation to the tiny shells that I use as my source material. I love to look at the curves, arches and vaults within the structure of shells. I find their structure to be very similar to forms found in Gothic architecture. This captured the imagination of Stuart Robertson, the director of the CRM Society, and he invited me to create an exhibition for the church based on the architecture of nature. It has been fascinating to find similarities in the natural emblems used by Mackintosh which have appeared as silent echoes in my own paintings.”

Frances lives at Airlie near Kirriemuir and has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and internationally. The Glasgow exhibition runs until October 31 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.