Community call to support YMCA

BROUGHTY FERRY residents are being asked to stand together to show their support for a long-standing community institution.

The YMCA situated at 151 Brook Street currently faces an uncertain future as it searches to find the funding that will keep it running.

It is hoped that a strategic plan for the future will be laid out at a public meeting held last week.

Councillor Derek Scott said that Dundee City Council is willing to do “all it can” to help the YM find its funding but he also added that “it does need the community to pull together.”

He continued: “They need to come up with a business plan in order to move forward.

“The council will try their best to help the YM get funding but for that they will need a plan.

“Hopefully they can come up with something for the meeting this week.

“The YM has been in Broughty Ferry for an awful long time - even before Broughty Ferry became part of Dundee - and it still has a role to play as there is limited hall space available for local clubs and societies.

“The council has had discussions in the past with the YM board regarding the development of facilities but for a variety of reasons that hasn’t been pursued.

“I have contacted the leisure and communities department and they say that if it can be demonstrated there is a clear strategy for the future and a forward plan, the local communities officer could provide support and assistance to help identify sources of external funding.”

Broughty Ferry has had the YM at the centre of the community since 1866.

The first YM premises in Broughty Ferry were in Gray Street until it moved to the current Brook Street building in 1875.

In 1893 a gymnasium was added to the rear of the property and a further extension was added in 1963 in memory of former president Stephen Gillanders.

It is home to a number of groups in the community and hosts events throughout the year.

As well as providing the meeting place for many local clubs the YM is the venue for Broughty Ferry Council of Churches ‘Christian Aid Hunger Lunches’ throughout the summer months.

In July the building is used to host the Broughty Ferry Traders’ Association Gala Week.

Throughout the year classes are held for all members of the community from exercise to yoga and St Andrews First Aid to dancing.

The YM also boasts its own football team ‘Broughty United’ and hosts badminton twice a week.

Despite all of the activity, the small and dedicated band of volunteers who keep the YM going feel that they can only continue at the same pace for another two or three years.

The board of management recently put out an appeal for people in the community to come forward to provide their views and expertise to help the institution on its way into the future.