Concern over the rise of would-be shoplifters

THE MANAGER of a Broughty Ferry shop has raised concerns over the number of shoplifters present in the town, writes Sarah Mclean.

Sean Lynch (23), manager at clothing store Sphere in Brook Street, said that he has noticed an increase in the number of would-be shoplifters in the town.

Speaking after pensioner David Campbell (79), had £200 stolen from him in Brook Street in broad daylight, Mr Lynch said that he had “no doubt” that drugs were a contributing factor to the rise.

Mr Lynch said: “They [drug addicts] are pretty blatant and stick out a mile.

“It’s definitely a concern. We’ve noticed there have been more of them coming in than before.

“It’s like some of them have moved into the area.”

Mr Lynch added that he felt the number of would-be shoplifters was having an impact on his business.

He said: “It’s a real inconvenience because I’m having to use my staff for security more than I was before.

“It takes up time as you’re having to neglect other customers to stop these people trying to steal things.”

A representative of the Broughty Ferry Traders’ Association has said that the small independent shops in the town were less likely to be targeted than their major retail counterparts.

In Broughty Ferry there have been significantly less businesses signing up to the council-led initiative Dundee Co-ordinated Anti-Crime Network (DUNCAN) than elsewhere in the city.

So far, only nine retail businesses have signed up to be a part of the network.

Broughty Ferry councillor Rod Wallace said: “I have concerns about the level of petty crime in the town and this was crystalised by the mugging of the gentleman at Tesco.

“There are one or two others who have come forward who are worried about low level crimes and about drugs.

“I have arranged a meeting with the head of DUNCAN, the head of the Broughty Ferry Traders’ Association and with Tayside Police to discuss a mini-relaunch of the initiative in the area.

“There are only nine traders in the area who are currently a part of DUNCAN and there are a lot more who would benefit from it.

“We hope to sign up as many more traders as possible to nip this problem in the bud before it gets out of hand.”

A spokesman for Dundee City Council said: “There are plans to promote the DUNCAN scheme and personal safety issues in Broughty Ferry within the next six weeks.

“At the moment there are nine retail members of the scheme and 10 evening economy (pubs and clubs) members in Broughty Ferry.”