Concerns over future of Ferry bus routes

A CANDIDATE for the Broughty Ferry ward has expressed his disappointment that a transport development grant is under threat.

Kevin Cordell, the SNP hopeful for, has aired concerns that opposition members of the City Council have again called for the Bus Route Development Grant to be scrapped.

Mr Cordell said: “The budget process necessarily involves a bit of horse-trading, but just like last year Labour, Conservative and Lib-Dem councillors are seeking to penalise bus users and bring forward proposals to end the funding for bus route development. “If you remember, Broughty Ferry and Panmurefield Village lost the No. 13 and No. 14 buses and locals fought a hard campaign to have a service return to Panmurefield, in particular. “Thanks to the work of Dundee City Council and the Bus Route Development Grant a new service, the No. 206, was introduced which linked Panmurefield to Central Broughty and West Ferry. “This 206 service, launched in the summer of 2011 in conjunction with other new community focused services in the west of the city, is entirely funded by the Bus Route Development Grant.

“The 206 works well and has been well received by locals linking, as it does, the shopping centres and residential areas of Broughty Ferry with the expanded Gardyne Road College Campus. Councillor Ken Guild, leader of the SNP administration, said: “Broughty Ferry’s opposition councillors were quick to welcome the introduction of the 206 but it shouldn’t be forgotten that under their budget proposals in 2011 the funding for such services would have been scrapped and this service would never have happened.

“The SNP council managed to protect these funds last year.”