Confusion over business development plan

A READER has contacted the Guide & Gazette saying there appears to be some confusion regarding a proposed business park for Carnoustie.

Len Greg says some residents in the town were under the impression that the development was going to be a retail park comprising shops and a petrol station.

However, he points out that in fact the proposals for Carlogie are actually for a business park, which will include offices, industrial units and warehouses.

Plans for the development have already been granted permission by Angus Council but construction has never begun as funding for the park from the European Regional Development Fund was withdrawn.

Angus Council then confirmed that the plans for Carlogie were on the back burner as there was a degree of uncertainty over deliverability of the project.

Newly-elected Carnoustie councillor Brian Boyd confirmed that it is a business park rather than a retail park planned for the area and added that he plans to meet with council officials to try and the get the project up and running again.

He explained: “It is definitely a business park planned for Carlogie and over the next few months I will be spending time with the economic development department and other council departments discussing this issue.

“It may be that we have to look at different locations around the town for the business park so we can better Carnoustie.

“If this does go ahead I will be seeking assurances though that it will not cause any detriment to the beauty of our town.”