Contractor’s warning over Dalhousie Court balcony danger

THE CONTRACTOR responsible for one of Carnoustie’s premier upmarket housing developments has warned residents to stay away from their balconies.

As reported in the Guide & Gazette last week, a glass balcony from the Dalhousie Court flats was torn from its moorings on the side of the building, during the severe galeforce winds the previous Monday evening.

Developers Scotia Homes have asked residents not use their balconies until they have carried out a full safety inspection of the structure.

A spokesperson for Scotia Homes said: “During the extreme weather over the past few days, there was some isolated storm damage, which affected part of a balcony on one of the apartments at the development at The Links, Carnoustie.

“Safety is a priority for Scotia, and we immediately attended the development to ensure the area was made safe.

“We are now working with specialist contractors to plan and carry out a full repair.

“As part of our commitment to safety we are checking all balconies to ensure they have not been damaged by the extreme weather.

“As a precautionary measure all apartment owners are being advised not to use their balconies until these checks have been carried out.”

As galeforce winds continued over the weekend, the public were again being warned to take care on the roads.

On Sunday afternoon, police cordoned off part of the pavement outside of the Spar, Barry Road, after it was believed that loose slates on the roof would pose a danger to passers-by and customers.