Council cash helps local projects

THE TOWN centre of Arbroath and various points in Carnoustie are set to be upgraded thanks to an injection of council cash.

With £80,000 being made available by Angus Council last June, £10,000 was awarded to each council ward.

It was then the responsibility of the local community planning teams and elected members to decide how the money should be spent.

As Arbroath covers two wards, a total of £20,000 has been given to the town, with all local councillors sitting down and deciding how the money should be spent.

A total of £7,000 will be used for five interpretation boards around Arbroath which will give visitor information and hopefully boost tourism.

In addition the centre of the town will be upgraded with £5,000 spent on artificial hanging baskets and replacing old benches in the High Street, West Port, Millgate and Keptie Street.

The removal of shrubs on Burnside Drive costing £3,000 will also be carried out.

Meanwhile on the outskirts of town money will be donated to Friockheim Tryst for Christmas lighting, the redevelopment of Inverkeilor Park, as well as youth projects and twinning signs in Letham.

Councillor David Fairweather believes spending the money in this way will make a big improvement to Arbroath and was happy the way the cash was shared out.

He explained: “It was the Angus Alliance who made this £80,000 available with it being split up for all of the burghs in Angus.

“But what I was delighted by is the fact that all of the Arbroath elected members all sat down together and agreed how to spend the money, which must be a first.”

Meanwhile in Carnoustie, £6,800, over half of the money, will be spent replacing the chute at the Winter Place playpark.

In August last year the chute had to be removed by the local authority due to it reaching the end of its “safe” life, even though it wasn’t scheduled to be replaced.

Councillor Helen Oswald called on the council to replace the equipment but this was not possible due to financial restraints.

But now thanks to this extra cash, the slide will now be replaced.

The rest of the money will be spent on installing new seating at a cost of £3,200 at the entrance to Links Avenue car park with another two seats being installed at Balister Park in Westhaven.

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