Council plans to extend burgh speed limits

A REDUCTION to the speed limits on sections of Montrose Road and Seaton Road, Arbroath, are being proposed by Angus Council.

The affected stretches of road border a site where planning permission has been granted for the development of 350 houses.

The council’s infrastructure services committee agreed on Tuesday to promote the necessary traffic order to extend the 30mph speed limit to a longer stretch of the Montrose Road, where a 60mph speed limit is currently in place.

Similarly, a reduction in the speed limit is proposed for Seaton Road, which would result in the 30mph speed limit being extended to Bearfauld Road and the introduction of a 40mph buffer 150m north of the Bearfauld Road junction.

Commenting on the proposed changes committee vice-convener councillor David Fairweather said: “I fully support these proposed changes as the new housing development at Montrose Road will result in a significant increase in the number of vehicles and pedestrians in the area.

“The new development will result in a change to the road layouts and while a pedestrian crossing is being installed by the developer, it is important that the speed limits are adjusted in the interests of safety.”

The necessary traffic orders will be formally advertised and members of the public and the statutory and local consultees then have 21 days to submit any objections.

The extension of the 30mph speed limit in Seaton Road does not require a traffic order. It will automatically extend when street lighting is installed for a new pavement on the west side of the road as part of the housing development.