Council pledge support to dog fouling campaign

THE CONVENER of neighbourhood services at Angus Council says the council are doing all they can to tackle the scourge of dog fouling.

Arbroath councillor Donald Morrison’s comments came as the neighbourhood services committee discussed a report on the problem, which was in part prompted by the Arbroath Herald’s campaign to rid our streets of dog mess.

At Thursday’s meeting, elected members was informed of what steps the local authority were taking to try to stop the problem despite a slight drop in the number of fixed penalty notices being issued to irresponsible owners.

At the meeting a whole host of ideas on how to tackle dog fouling were discussed ranging from increasing the number of fixed penalty notices, using covert monitoring and even using the threat of eviction to repeat offenders.

And even though Angus Council have pledged their support to cleaning up our streets, Councillor Morrison says ultimate responsibility rests with the dog owners.

He explained: “As a responsible dog owner, the recent highlighting of the problem of dog fouling by the public, press and even the leader of the council has been a good thing. It shows that the majority of Angus residents deplore those irresponsible dog owners who will not pick up after their pet in our streets, our parks and near our schools.

“This is not an Angus Council problem, this is a society problem.

“Far from sitting back this report shows just how much Angus Council is doing to both clear up the mess after those who can’t be bothered to pick up after them or the gold stars of laziness, those who do bag it but leave it on a tree, on a fence or unbelievably under a dog waste bin as a trophy to their own irresponsibility.

“It also sets out the reality that this council is doing all it can to tackle the problem but we do need the public to help us catch those irresponsible dog owners and walkers who don’t see this as a priority.

“Colleagues we will continue to do clean ups, take more enforcement action plus also more prevention work, but the only sure way this problem can be tackled is if dog owners and dog walkers to do their bit.”

r As part of our campaign to clean up our streets, we still want you to tell us where the dirtiest areas in Arbroath are.

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